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Products & Ordering

Any item ranging from pens and pencils, cups, to apparel, jackets, bags, etc. are available to you for embellishment.  Please view the online catalogs to find the product you are looking for.  

     Once you know what you would like to order, you need to contact me at: kwilliams@smithandwilliamsapparel.com or by phone at: 607.341.1284.  I will take your order details, complete artwork and submit to you for approval, and process your order.  
     At this time, you can pay for completed orders online once you have received your invoice in several different ways.  The first is to ask for an electronic invoice that I can send to you via email that will include a link to Google Wallet for the amount of the bill.  All you need to do is follow the link and pay.  
     The second way is to go to the page entitled, "For Paying Online," and fill in each box with the appropriate number to total your invoice.  This is slightly more cumbersome.  This total will be checked with your original receipt to make sure they match.  If there is a discrepancy, you will be contacted before you are charged.  
     The third way is if you are putting in an order with an team or organization.  For this, please click on the link on the left side of the navigation bar entitled, "Team/Organizational Orders" and then look for the link to your team/organization.  Order all items that you are interested in by adding them to your cart and then pay from the cart at checkout.

Returns & Cancellations Policy
Cancellations:  You will never receive a bill until your order has been placed and processed.  In the event of a pre-payment situation before delivery of order, you will be refunded the full amount of your bill minus a 15% restocking fee and shipping costs to return your order.  If you cancel after your order has already been embellished with screen printing, embroidery, or vinyl, you will be required to pay the full amount of the bill.  
Returns: There are no returns on embellished orders.  If you have any questions, please contact Keith Williams at: kwilliams@smithandwilliamsapparel.com or call 607.341.1284